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    Guangdong Rongda Biology Co., Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise which is dedicated to provide integrated solutions for animal health care. It is located at Qingyuan High-Tech Industrial Development Zone named as the back garden of Zhujiang delta area. The company is granted as national post-doctoral scientific research workstation and also as the research center of animal medicines engineering technology at provincial level. It is equipped with several core technologies such as microbial efficient incremental technology, extraction and purification technology, sustained and controlled release preparations technology and Chinese veterinary drug combinatorial optimization techniques. Now it has been authorized with nearly 20 patents. 

    Rongda adheres to the developing route which views new biological fermentation as the main body, Chinese veterinary drug as modernized feature and healthy breeding as terminal value chain. Depending on accurate market positioning, prudent producing quality management as well as modernized workshops and facilities, Rongda aims to provide personalized comprehensive solutions to healthy breeding industrial chain, to solve the breeding problems for customers, and to build up a new healthy breeding ecology

    By virtue of its superior products and services, Rongda has gained agreeable reputations among breeding industry and customers, and has established a nationwide marketing system. Its products are in great demands across the country and are also widely sold to more than ten overseas countries and areas.

    To be persistent, to be greater! Heathier animals are, healthier human would be. We believe that persistent pursuit of higher biological technology and responsible attitude towards animal breeding would make greatness to a company. Join us! Let’s create a gorgeous future with a healthier animal breeding system.

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